Our Security

Our Technology

We understand that you will be sharing the most important personal data on this platform. That is why, we have implemented the most effective data security methods available in the world in order to store this classified information.

There is no ‘behind the scene’ interface where we can access anything, so even the developers and promoters of PlanBye cannot see anything. You can be assured that your details of investments, passwords, wills and close-to-heart information will be not compromised in any manner.

The storage platform used to store information is a world-class data centre, which is implemented by large organisations that hold sensitive information. We use the AES-256 encryption / SSL using 2048-bit certificates, which have the highest security standards. To simplify, it is the same safety measures taken by banks.

Data Protection

Data is not only encrypted when it is stored in the Datacenter but also when it is transported from your computer to Datacenter. We use industry standard and best technology available to protect your data.

Data Access

PlanBye platform is designed from grounds up to provide access only to the users of the software. None of our employees can ever access the data. The software can be accessed only by your key.

Data Center

We do not store any data in our office. Everything is stored in World-Class AWS Data Centers. Infact your data is stored in the most advanced, continously monitored and safest places managed by Amazon Web Services.

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