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Planbye is an online platform where users can upload, store, organise and share important documents, letters, and legacy information with their families immediately or after death. Planbye will protect your family in case something happens to you. Your loved ones will have access to all the important information and assets which you have earned in your lifetime and which you want them to have it.

You can contact us by emailing us at You also reach us through "how can we help you" tab on the top of this page.If you want to book a meeting or a demo, please setup a meeting by clicking here.

This software is for people who are working and/or own assets and want to protect their family by sharing critical information and documents when it is required.

Anyone with basic skills of operating a computer and Internet can use this platform.

Our key Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is the ability to share documents after death. So, you have uploaded the documents and critical information to the Planbye platform and enabled the documents to be delivered immediately and some documents after death with your family and loved ones. The question is how will the software know that the person is dead and act upon instructions set by the user. Basically, the user has to compulsorily add one person at the time of sign-up responsible for sending the death certificate. After the verification of the death certificate we trigger the app and it will act upon the instructions set by the user. Please note that the user has the option to add 1 to 3 people at the time of sign-up and can add more people after signing up (we call them trusted nominees) responsible for sending the death certificate.

No, there is no software to download, the software platform is internet/cloud based. You only need Internet connection and a computer to access the platform.

Post the death of a loved one, the family not only has to deal with extreme grievance but also navigate the complex systems of claiming investments and other financial assets. This can be a tedious task. If one is organised and has everything in one place, then passing on critical information is easy. One may also want to use this platform to create a will, DNRs, additional directives and leave a veritable legacy of sorts. The key objectives of PlanBye are:

  1. Provide a solution to reducing the mess for the family after the demise of a loved one
  2. Software platform to safeguard the family by sharing critical information and important documents post death which can be helpful to live a better life and a secured future.
  3. A platform to document and share the funeral wishes, last wishes and organ donation information since it is an uncomfortable discussion for most families.
  4. Make the preparation of will accessible to the common man which is available part of the platform.

No you don't have to be computer savvy but should know basic functioning of the computer. If you can browse interest on a computer or mobile phone, then you can operate the software. You can also check demos and videos of various functions which will make it easier for you to use this software.

If the user is not in a position to operate a computer and/or does not know how to operate it, then he or she can take help from their children or family members.

It starts from the day you pay the subscription amount for the first time.

We are providing you a service to create, organise, add, change and update information as you grow and progress in your life. This is an annual subscription and to be renewed every year.

If you do not renew the subscription, you lose control over the software. You get 30 days of grace period to renew. After the grace period is over the account is de-activated and the data cannot be retrieved.

No. All the people assigned to the documents by the subscriber or the user will never have to pay anything to access the documents from the platform. It’s free. If the nominees want to sign up for the platform themselves, then they have to subscribe to Planbye platform.

We will store your data at world-class Google Cloud Platform. Google Cloud Platform is one of the most reliable, secured and popular cloud service provider in the world.

We use best in class encryption and security standards to store your data in word-class Datacenter. We use AES-256 encryption, SSL using 2048-bit certificates with the highest security standards used by the banks.

The data you store in our platform is saved directlyin Google Cloud Platform or on Google servers. You can be rest assured that your data can never be read or accessed by any other person other than you. Google's Key Management Service is redundant and globally distributed. Data stored in Google Cloud Platform is encrypted at the storage level using either AES256 or AES128. Google uses a common cryptographic library, Tink, to implement encryption consistently across almost all Google Cloud Platform products. Google encrypts Data both in "Transit" and in "Rest" Google Encryption in Transit means when the data is transferred from your computer to Google servers your data is completely private as it is encrypted while being transported. If you want to know more details, please watch the video below - Google Encryption at Rest means that the data is encrypted when it is residing in Google data centers or servers. If you want to understand more details, please watch the video below -

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