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"Protect" your family by giving them access to all the important documents and information after your passing.


"Plan" and activate your end-of-life planning by addressing last wishes, funeral planning, DNRs, organ donation and more.


"Prepare" a will in easy steps. No lawyers or consultation required. Make any changes whenever you like.


You have invested a great deal of your financial resources and life in the form of sacrifice in planning for your future. But still, you have never been able to share the current situation with your immediate family. PlanBye insist on you to gather all information in one place after death including passwords, files and documents so as to expedite the process of distribution who gets what. Families often do not have a set documentation system that they use so, this may be a difficult process for families. By having regularly updated Protect environment, should save them the hassle of figuring things on their own, and reduces the chance we miss any specific saving that we don't tell while living.

Investments & Wealth

Collate all important details of your bank accounts, Credit cards, online payment platforms, investments and funds documents so that you have a digital copy available anytime.

Life Insurance & Medical Policies

Keep your loved ones updated on all life and health policies, their maturity date and details of accessing any benefits in this section.

Digital Assets

Secure online account details like email, e-commerce, entertainment services, social media so that your future beneficiary has access to it or you can instruct to delete accounts after your death

Property & Other Valuable Assets

It is imperative to keep Assets documents (related to vehicles, land, jewellery etc.) updated and clear on all accounts, so that there is no ambiguity on ownership or inheritance.


The first step and hardest part of leaving your legacy is planning for it. PlanBye helps you organise your thoughts by offering a simple structure on the platform that you can follow easily. This feature handholds you to plan your last wishes or funeral details, sending written messages of love for family members and friends and organ donation information amongst other things.

This section also has instructions on creating a DNR and advance directives in case of a health complication. The Planning feature on PlanBye eases you into the eco-system of leaving a relevant legacy for those who matter to you. You can share each detail separately with your next of kin to execute in time.

Last Wishes

While we all know that our life on earth is timed, we do not pay much thought to a last wish. You can leave specific instructions of following through with a last wish.

Funeral Planning

Plan your funeral preference, whether to be buried, cremated or donate your body. Let your family know your funeral arrangements.

Letters and Messages

There are messages that you may want to leave for your loved ones, after you pass away. By leaving this, you will be offering a tremendous gesture of nostalgia, love and care to the ones left behind.

Advance Directives

Advance Directives is legal and written instruction regarding your preferences for medical care if you are unable to make decisions for yourself. You can also specify choice of physician and who the caregiver should be in the case of terminal illness, dementia, injury and such.


Preparation for a future that you may not be part of is one of the most thoughtful things that you can do for family members who continue to live after you. Preparing a will is one of the most common but overlooked parts of this. Procrastination and the assumption that it involves a complicated legal process often dissuade people from creating one.

In this section of PlanBye, we offer an easy online tool to create a living or legal will. This covers the step-by-step procedure of filling the essential fields, taking a print and getting two witnesses to sign in order to make a legitimate will.

Legal Will

A legal will allows you to declare with clarity, aspects of inheritance of big and small things after your passing. This includes property, investments and even small things that have an emotional value. We provide you with step-by-step sections to draft with accurate terminology, post, which you can get it signed by two witnesses and save it in the same section.

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