Everything You Need to Know About Death Certificates!
April 2, 2022    Technology 

Losing a loved one forever is painful. You have to handle the void around you, and at the same time, you have to handle legal affairs. Life goes on, and you have to document your loved one’s death. Banks, government, official authorities, lenders, and so on need to know about the deceased for different reasons.

Some will stop payment, and some will stop benefits; some will document the death and hand-over the department to someone else. For many people, knowing about death news is important. When your loved ones go away, only then will you understand how much paperwork is needed to be done to document the death. Here we will discuss everything you need to know about death certificates in India . Go through the article, and you will learn more about death certificates and how they are important.

What is a Death Certificate?

This is an official document that states a person is dead. This paper also includes the cause of death, time of death, and place of death of the person. The Indian government needs this certificate for its official purposes. Indian government will ask you to provide this paper to the office right after your dear one dies. The deceased person may have some estate. This paper is needed to sort out the legal matters involved in the estate. If you want to claim the succession, you need to submit this piece of paper. So, this is very important for every country out there.

Besides the legal part, this is also important from a political aspect. The government needs to keep a record of births, deaths, marriages, etc. For all these purposes, audit teams are there. But you need to inform the department about the deceased person. This death certificate is important for the census department of your country. Hence, collecting this piece of paper on time is very important.

How to Get a Death Certificate?

When your loved ones go away, there is a hiatus. You do not know what to do and how to do it. But legal papers are important. So, you have to apply for a death certificate. According to Indian law, you need to record the death news within 21 days from the day of death. Reach the local registrar who keeps the record of deaths in the locality. You need to submit a few documents such as; one copy of Ration Card, Birth certificate of the deceased, Date and time of death with proof of death from the hospital, Required fee to record the death in the form of court fee stamps, etc.

Who’s Able to Get a Death Certificate for Someone Who Died?

To obtain a death certificate, you need to have a close relationship with the deceased. You can be their spouse, child, sibling, parents, or the legal representative of either his office or his family. If you are a family member, you have to provide your birth certificate or marriage certificate to get an official copy of the death certificate. If you are a legal representative, you have to provide the legal document to act on behalf of the person who died. In some countries, a death certificate is a legal piece of paper, and if you are aged 18+, you can ask for a copy. Sometimes, the death certificate is available online. Please check the procedure and rules of your country and your town.

Who Prepares the Death Certificate?

Initially, the family members need to provide the details of the deceased to the medical practitioner who attended him. Everything related to the disease he was battling with to his basic information will be recorded. Once all the information is given, the doctor will provide you with a basic death certificate. You can take this certificate to the state funeral or personnel department. The officer who keeps the record of births and deaths will check the death certificate. He may ask you a few additional questions. When he is satisfied with the information, he will provide you with a final death certificate. You can use this certificate at various places and departments to record the death of your loved ones. You may need this certificate when you face legal issues in the future.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Death Certificate?

When your loved ones are gone, it is tough for you to handle the loneliness. You must want all the legal things to be done right away. You do not like to drag these things and go through the same painful procedure of explaining his death to an unknown person! But if you do it on your own, it will not take a lot of time. If you go there in person, it will finish within a few days. In some countries, the authorities are so thoughtful and understanding that they issue the death certificate on the same day of the death. If you are asking the authority to send you the death certificate by mail, it may take a few weeks. When you go there in person, they understand your situation and finish off the procedure ASAP.

Which is the information included in a death certificate?

The forms vary from country to country, state to state. But generally, they carry some basic information.

  1. Time death: Time of death is very important. This is used for legal purposes. Some offices especially ask for this.
  2. Place of death: The certificate includes the place where the person died. The person may die at his workplace, home, road, etc.
  3. Basic information:The certificate also includes the name of the deceased, his age, religion, race, gender, birthplace, date of birth, parent’s name, marital status, etc.
  4. Cause of death: If it was a natural death under some circumstances, or an unnatural death is mentioned in the certificate. Manner of death is also mentioned there. The doctor may mention some more information regarding the death. That information will also be provided on the certificate.
  5. Method of burial: Burial or Cremation, the method of disposition will also be mentioned in the certificate.

Conclusion: A death certificate is an important part of a person’s life. The way you need your birth certificate when you are alive, a death certificate is required to finish off all the pending works and legal matters of the person. Hence, the close family members of the deceased should collect the certificate on time.

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