Digital legacy platform to help you plan your life after death
April 2, 2022    Technology 

Planning for death is not exactly something you are likely to think about on a day-to-day basis, but it has to be prepared for, right? How do you want to leave this world? How do you want your family to spend your money? These are things that it's important to be prepared for. This blog looks at a new digital legacy platform that helps you take care of these things.

What is a Digital Legacy Platform?

A digital legacy platform is a digital option for preserving a person's legacy after they have died. The main goal of a digital legacy platform is to create a digital counterpart for a person that is preserved for as long as possible. A digital legacy platform can work as a virtual will, as it can be used to direct the directions someone's legacy will go after they have passed away.

The platform can work as a tool in which you store all of your information in an organized, searchable way. You can use your information to pass on to your loved ones in the event of your death. This is called a digital legacy because you leave behind a little chunk of yourself in the digital world for your loved ones to find. The reality is that when you die, your loved ones will have to sort through all of your things to find what is important to them. A digital legacy platform helps you organize your digital assets so your friends and family can easily find what they need.

Why we need a digital legacy platform

We need an online portal where we can leave information to help our loved ones after we are gone. Advances in medical science are making bodies less of a concern for families. Individuals are more concerned with the digital products they leave behind, which are typically forgotten.

The current solution to this is to go through all of your accounts, draw up a will, and make sure beneficiaries are designated on any property. The more common solution is to put everything in an estate-planning lawyer's hands, but there are some details the lawyer may not know. For example, many lawyers are unaware of the existence of online accounts with passwords that are difficult or impossible to reset.

How to create a digital legacy?

The first step is to make a list of all your important documents like birth certificate, government IDs, marriage certificate, medical records, financial records, insurance, digital assets, accounts, and profiles and then decide what you want to do with them and with whom to share before or after death.

Let the trusted person know where you store your passwords (and if you need to decrypt them). Talk to your administrator, but you can find passwords, usernames, etc. Also leave detailed instructions on where and how to use it. You can leave the virtual items you have (such as photos you took, music you bought) to the people in your will, so make sure your artist has all the information they need to access and download them. You can also consider "storing" your digital goods in a company that stores all your digital information (including passwords) on a single online platform.

Prepare to leave behind a digital legacy

Before we go on this journey, we must prepare to leave behind a digital legacy so that our friends and family can enjoy our memories and stories after we die.

A digital legacy platform is a program or website to help you plan out your final wishes. For example, one could plan out what they want their funeral service to be like and the music they want played, write a letter to their loved ones, and decide whether they want their Facebook page to be deleted. Let users create a checklist of documents and internet accounts the user wants to pass on to a trusted survivor or family member.

How a digital legacy platform works?

A digital legacy platform helps in organizing, managing and sharing your information and documents effectively with your family, friends or business partners. Create an old plan for your online accounts and digital assets in seconds and determine who can hold your accounts at the right time. Convey your last wish, letters, even video. Share it with the person you want, leave it when the time comes.

Create digital legacy using Planbye

Planbye is a unique blend of lifetime planning and secure file storage. This goes beyond financial management and helps users organize all the important information that their loved ones need to know if something happens to them. Storing information can be anything from a medical record to locker passcode. Some other important features of the program are that you will be able to easily share your information with your family, friends and selected consultants before or after death. A secure repository for your maintenance documents, wills and other information.

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