Being Prepared for the Future: Checklist for organizing documents
April 2, 2022    Technology 

Life is so unpredictable. It would help if you were prepared for the future because you never know what the next moment will bring to your life. You should have all your documents well arranged and organized.

SOne of the most crucial things you can do for your loved ones is prepared for when you are gone. You can do this by having records of assets and liabilities, financial affairs, and all your end life instructions.

The importance of organizing essential documents.

There's no doubt that an investment of time is required to organize your important documents. But in turn, you are making yourself less stressed. You can easily access your documents whenever and wherever you want.

Why is document organization essential?

1. To quickly locate your documents whenever you require them in the future. Just imagine you have got an opportunity, and you immediately require your birth certificate and birth-related details. Suppose you haven't organized your documents very well. Then there are chances that you miss this opportunity. So, it's essential to organize your documents.

2. Another importance of organizing your documents is to avoid any financial disputes in your absence. Organizing your documents saves your time searching the piles of documents each time you require a single piece of document.

3. When you organize your documents, you can also eliminate the papers that will be of no use to you. This way, you eliminate all the clutter and arrange the essential documents in an orderly manner.

The best way to organize your documents

Organizing your documents is essential, and also it's important to organize in a way that's is easily accessible by all your near and dear ones. There are two ways in which you can organize your important documents in paper form—separating them based on the dates and organizing them in folders—making a drawer for them and placing them there. Another way is to organize documents in digital form. Saving all data in digital files.

Organizing your paperwork in digital form

Today everything we want is available online. So why not have access to our essential documents digitally? Many people have many documents available in digital form, but they don't have them arranged. Documents are just cluttered in the form of images and screenshots on the mobile phone. But that is not how they are supposed to be. They need to be arranged in an online vault. So, let's see the List of documents that you should always keep handy in a digital form.

  1. Birth certificate.
  2. Marriage certificate.
  3. Death certificate (for family members that have already received).
  4. Medical Documents
  5. End-of-life care documents.
  6. Will
  7. Power of Attorney
  8. Government Identification – PAN card, Aadhar card
  9. Legal heir Certificate( in case there is no nomination)
  10. Insurance Documents
  11. Banking Documents
  12. Investment Documents
  13. Property/ Real Estate Documents
  14. Loan Documents
  15. Important Online Accounts

Benefits of Paperless documents management.

It's always more challenging to handle documents in the form of paper than in digital form. You can store many documents for the future in a significantly less place and a better-organized way in paperless form.

You will never have to worry about boxes of paper again.

When you sit to plan and organize documents for the future, you have many things to include, such as all your membership lists, lists of debts, retirement accounts, insurance- related details, power of attorney, etc. This all comes under one category that is financial documents. There are many other such documents that you need to organize.

It becomes challenging to handle documents in the form of paper. For assembling all the documents, boxes of papers will be required. But if you go paperless, you will be free of boxes of paper.

Clean and organized documents

If you save all the documents for the future on a digital platform, you can find them with one click of the mouse. For example, if you have to search for the documents related to your glucose metabolism reports. You can go in the health column and search for the report from 2 years back, and you will get it immediately. While searching for paper reports, you can imagine how long it will take to search those reports.

Paperless documents help the environment.

Many papers are required to assemble all the essential documents you want to keep safe for your children and caretakers. So if you go digital, papers can be saved, and in turn, you are contributing to a safe environment.

Death is an unpredictable event that everyone has to face. You cannot escape death, then what is the point in avoiding planning things for death? Organize your life, legacy, and documents that you want to share after your death.

Everything you do online creates a digital footprint. Whatever you post or save, or what people post about you becomes the way for you to be remembered. Some people create websites to be remembered forever while other people use digital legacy to create a permanent legacy. Plan bye is one such platform that assists you to establish your digital legacy.

Plan bye allows you to upload, update and store your documents and important details digitally. This way it allows you to simplify end-of-life planning. The user-friendly process of plan bye is easy to access by all age groups people. So, wait no more just use one of the digital legacy platforms as Plan bye to conserve your critical data digitally.

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