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Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to help people simplify end of life planning and be in ‘action’ mode to assist their families navigate complex post-death asset, investment and other important details in an easy and secure manner. Our vision is to make the PlanBye platform is made with simple, extremely use friendly access to all age groups, so they can upload, organise and edit any critical information that they wish to communicate to family members immediately or after death.

About Planbye


Founder of Planbye, Shahid Khan is a professional car rally driver, who lives on the edge is both, exciting but nerve wracking for his family. In 2006, he met with his worst fears. A major accident sent his navigator and him through a life-threating fall down a hill. It felt like the end. As the Maruti Gypsy furiously sped down, he wanted one last opportunity to tell his family how much he loved them.

Thanks to the advanced safety equipment, they survived to tell the tale, but it changed his thinking forever. He woke up from a stupor and realised that apart from professing his love and gratitude to his family, he had not organised and formally shared so many personal details of assets and investments. He could have possibly left them in a maze of documents, procedures and administrative entanglement after his death.

Death is a reality of life. While we know we cannot escape it, we avoid talking about it. The topic is dismissed as morbid or uncomfortable, relegated to times when someone is literally on their death bed, or very old. Shahid personally wanted an easy and extremely secure place where he could upload, update and store documents and other important details that wanted to share after his death. That’s why PlanBye was born. From conception to now, the platform has evolved to include many aspects of end-of-life planning, and action points post death. Planbye is in action in your life, death and beyond.

Our Founder

Shahid is an India based strategist, mentor and entrepreneur with over two decades experience in leadership roles in sales, marketing, and operations across software, hardware, data storage and cloud businesses, in India, Asia-Pacific, and global markets.

Having worked for large corporates like Apple, Intel, Microsoft and EMC, has given him a sound foundation in understanding and spearheading business and technology functions. Taking a disruptive solution-oriented idea and making it an impactful and sustainable business lies at the core of Shahid’s passion towards entrepreneurship. His other interests include practicing Yoga, fitness activities and car rally driving at a professional level.

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